Thursday, July 30, 2009

Missing camera cord and books to read.

Well, I have had so many things I have wanted to share with you, namely food items I have created, but my camera cord is missing. I will bring you pictures, recipes, and stories when the cord is found. But alas, I will share with you some more books to add to your list to read.

Steve Almond and quickly becoming one of my favorite authors for his humor, voice, and sheer ability to be so conversational in written word. He is fantastic! I bought his book Candyfreak! while in college and fell in love. It so really interesting, not to mention hilarious. Almond regales his readers with stories from childhood through adulthood all surrounding his love of candy. He never leaves the reader bored.

I am now reading his collection of essays, (Not that You Asked). He writes about everything from "how this book became an official 'Oprah's Book Club' pick (not that you asked)" to "how I became a baby daddy (not that you asked)". I am half-way through and he has kept me captivated. Beware, Steve Almond leaves nothing out. He's cynical, uses crude analogies, make sexual references, and swears a lot. But with all that, he tells stories of his love of literature, what makes him love his wife, and how he became a writer. I would say he is a modern-romantic, whimsical in thought with a splash of obscenity. He makes me laugh, feel connected, and the swearing part makes me think of my friend Liz.

I highly suggest both Candyfreak! and (Not that You Asked) to you because I like you.

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  1. dang IT! I was hoping it was the modern-romantic, whimsical, hilarious part that would bring me to mind...oh, vices. loveyou!