Monday, August 10, 2009

Martha & Me: Cookie 1 of 175

Cookie: Carrot Cake Cookies
Listened to: Plans by Death Cab for Cutie
To:Bob Dorsey and Matt Lammers

Bob Dorsey, dear friend of ours that Mike met through poker in 2005. He was a groomsman at our wedding and a wonderful man. He saw Julie & Julia with us.

Matt Lammers, another great friend of ours that I met in YoungLife in 2003. Matt and I were partners in crime all through college and have so many wonderful memories.

I let Mike have the honors of choosing the first cookie to be made for the Martha & Me project. He chose Carrot Cake Cookies. Martha describes them as "tiny inside-out carrot cakes, with the signature cream cheese frosting in the inside and spiced 'cake' on the outside". I think they lived up to her description. I followed the teachings in the back of my book about letting butter and eggs come to room temperature which did seem to help the creaming process. The only place I truly struggled was keeping the cookies in a more uniform and dense circle. My cookies came out flatter than what I had hoped and expected. The cream cheese frosting is to die for, so that was a definite plus. I would make these again and maybe try cutting the cookies out with a cookie cutter and see the results. Pictures to come with the revelation of my camera cord.

What I learned from this cookie:
1. Parchment paper is amazing
2. Let your cookies fully chill before baking
3. Let your cookies fully cool before removing from the baking sheet

On a sidenote, I moved around the appliances on my counters so I could keep my KitchenAide on the counter at all times with my Martha Stewart's Cookies sitting right beside it. Already this is becoming a slight obsession. My husband has Lost and I have cookies.


  1. Ken Jennings, I love Martha. Great idea. Wish I was as smart as you!

  2. ooh. i'm loving this idea. I also think you should keep posting happy pictures of the friends/family that you share your cookies with. That's fun.