Sunday, August 16, 2009

Martha & Me: Cookie 2 of 175

Cookie: Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti
Listened to: Mike talking to me while making dinner :)
For: Ben Keller and Kyra Tichacek

I met Ben at Randy and Tammy Greiner's wedding the weekend before Mike and my wedding. Ben was studying for the bar exam and skipped the ceremony to study, came to the reception, did not drink, and left early. He told me that he would be much more lively (and drunk) at the Slamfahr wedding. He did not disappoint and that is where I met Kyra. While brief, it was lovely. Kyra and Ben live in New York City and are hardworking lawyers. Just 2 weeks ago, they got engaged. These are congratulatory cookies for two great people.

I chose the biscotti because one they were being sent, two Ben and Kyra work crazy hours and need a cookie that will travel and last for longer than a day, and three biscotti seemed like a good challenge. The baking process is unique as you make the dough, bake it in a log (poop-y looking), cool it, cut it (biscotti-y looking), bake it again, and cool to eat.

I have definitely gone to a new level of dork because I have been reading all the comments people leave under the recipes on There were 21 comments for this little guy. But, I learned a lot and took some good "test kitchen" advice. I made two batches of these; one for a Mad Men party with some of Mike's poker friends and the other for Ben and Kyra. The first batch, I followed some comment advice and cut them in half due to the sheer size; much to my surprise when removing them from the oven I forgot to cut two of them. The full sized ones were much more beautiful and presentable even if they are quite large. Because my relationship with Ben and Kyra is so limited I went with presentable over sensible. I want them to like me...errr... my cookies. So, make these, keep them whole, and experiment as these are an easy base cookie. Congratulations to Ben and Kyra, we are so happy for you both!

P.S. First time sending something to NYC, so that was fun too!

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  1. Ken, first things first. I really hope that the start of school madness is going well (even if they are really hectic). Second. Biscotti are so delicious. Third. What a thoughtful cookie choice for them. Fourth. Are you going in order of the cookie book or just going wild? Love you very much. You're the best.