Sunday, August 9, 2009

Martha & Me

A few summers ago, I listened to the book Julie & Julia on the way to Maine for a family vacation. I loved the book and the idea of being committed to your hobby. I was so excited to see that a movie was being made of the book and I just had to see it.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago when I was in Borders with my student, Becca. We were simply browsing the cookbook section when I ran into Martha Stewart's Cookies. Then and there I was inspired to begin my own culinary adventure. Martha is my Julia; she cooks, organizes, decorates, and photographs in a style that resonates with me.

175 cookie recipes.

I will make at least one a week and send them off to family and friends. Be on the lookout because the one condition Mike had for this project was "get them out of our house!". Every Monday I will report on the great Martha successes or failures.

I give you Martha & Me.

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  1. I know you like to help people out, but should you really be supporting an ex-con like Martha?