Saturday, September 5, 2009

Martha & Me Cookies 3 and 4 of 175

So school takes over my life. Here are the updates on cookies 3 and 4

Cookie 3: Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookies
Listened to: Gossip in the Grain by Ray Lamontagne
To: The Krein family

Daniel Krein was a student in Mike's class at Central. His mom, Sheila, donated several generous materials for my classroom. One of those items is a water-filled glass tube that has plastic fish in it. When you turn it on, the fish float and light up. My students LOVE it! These were a thank you to the Kreins.

These were tasty, but nothing special to be honest. I am a bit frustrated because my cookies keep going flat after baking. I think maybe I need to better store my baking soda. Overall, these cookies are a great staple and who doesn't like chocolate chip cookies? These were fun to give because they were a surprise and actually a "saving grace". Sheila sent Mike and email telling the story of their Thursday. Long story short, the Kreins needed a snack to bring to a Boy Scout event and had nothing in the house. They took the cookies and many were able to enjoy them. So, all in all I am so happy that my cookies put a smile on someones face.

Cookie 4: Rocky Ledge Bars
To: C-U YoungLife leaders and Stratton SPED staff

YoungLife is something that is so important to me and my growth as a person. I spent some of my best times in high school with YoungLife and met my best friends from college leading YoungLife. It has been something that has been a part of my life for so long and has truly changed me. Mike and I were so excited to have the space to welcome the YoungLife leaders into our home for their leadership meeting and dinner. We had a yummy taco bar and to top it off I made these Rocky Ledge Bars and an angel food cake.

These bar cookies are to die for! I used semi-sweet chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, and Milk Maid caramels for all the extra sweets in it. Don't forget to use dark brown sugar, not light, you'll be glad you did! The Rocky Ledge Bars are sticky, chewy, and leave little pieces of caramel in your teeth. The paraprofessionals in my classroom kept saying that they were to die for and everyone had to try one. Also, they were a good workout. You have to hand mix these, so my arms were feelin' it. Make these, enjoy them, and make them again :)


  1. Cakey cookies rock! We delivered them to cabins every Monday at Castaway. So awesome! You're a very generous lady Ken. Love you.

  2. Um yum, I love caramel in cookies. I might need to "borrow" this one.

  3. Hey Ken. I know you have a job and everything but you should update your blog every once and a while. I mean, you are a seasonal worker and all. The people are calling for a new post.

  4. hello, how are we supposed to know what is going on in your life if you don't update your blog. geeze.