Sunday, October 25, 2009

Book Club

I am currently reading Retarded Isn't Stupid, Mom! by Sandra Kaufman for my grad class. I highly recommend it. I think it is an honest presentation of raising a child with a disability in the 60s and 70s and the fight that it takes each day to make the world more inclusive, accepting, and compassionate. I have been inspired and hope that you will be as well.

Martha & Me Cookie 8 of 175

Cookie: Chocolate Waffle Cookies
To: Mom and Dad
Special Location: Amfahr kitchen

My mom gave me her waffle iron when I was in college. My dad has since whined and complained that he needed his waffle iron back. I have stood firm and my mom stood firm for a while. She has since bought him a "new" waffle iron. These cookies were an ode to my dad and his love of this old and rickety waffle iron.

I was far from a fan of these cookies, if you could even call them that. They were very waffle-y and less cookie like. My dad says he liked them, my mom told me to make the brownies I had made for my sister instead, and I was in a state of disappointment. They were a good joke, but I wouldn't make them again.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Suz!

Happiest Birthday wishes to my dear Suz! While she is far away, she is so close to my heart. Susan is a friend that understands me and I her. She is a gift and I am grateful for all the wonderful memories we have shared together; from New Orleans to getting married, they are all precious.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Martha & Me Cookies 7 of 175

Cookie: Truffle Brownies
Listened to: My mom talking to me :)
For: Julie's 19th birthday family celebration

My sister Julie turned 19 on Thursday. She is my sister and my friend. I love her because she can make me laugh like no one else. I was so excited to have her come to visit me and Mike to celebrate!

Julie, my parents, and her boyfriend, Jamey came to visit last weekend for a family birthday celebration. Her request for a birthday treat was "a fancy Martha cookie". I searched and found these truffle brownies. They were winners!! Mike even said "these could have come from a restaurant". That made me feel really good! I love that cooking can make people feel good and satisfied. These brownies are a traditional chocolate brownie with a delicious chocolate ganache on top. I topped these with non-pareils in the shape of a heart. Julie loved them, my family loved them, and I was filled with love for my family. It was a good weekend and proud baking moment. Thanks Martha for bringing us together.
She seemed pleased!

P.S. You MUST use Dutch-processed cocoa powder. Martha says so, and so do I.

Martha & Me Cookies 6 of 175

Cookie: Mocha Shortbread
For: Katie & Ryan Sawrie

Katie is my best friend. Enough said. She is a wonderful woman of faith, love, and generosity. She has been a rock in my life for so many years and I am grateful for her. She and I meet for dinner about once every other month in Crawfordsville, IN at the Creekside Lodge. I brought her these cookies for a treat to munch on while driving home and if he was lucky, her husband at home.

I really wanted to make Katie and Ryan some cookies, but it had been a long week and we had no eggs or milk, so I had to be creative in finding my cookie recipe for them. Martha would never let me down and had some egg and milk free cookie recipes. Thanks Martha!

These were easy, tasty, and well-portioned. I have been looking for instant espresso in town, but have not been able to find it. So, I used instant coffee in these cookies and they tasted pretty good. I read the reviews of this cookie and people were not fans. I would only make these for coffee-lover friends. Mine were not too crumbly, or dry. They were a good shortbread texture and a "crowd" pleaser. Katie texted me on the way home and told me she really enjoyed the shortbread. The only worry I have is, did Ryan get any?

Porkchops and Applesauce.


We have a new member to our family. Her name is Porkchops and she is really funny looking. Porkchops is from the Humane Society and is also a Himalayan. The one difference between her and Applesauce is she was shaved while staying at the CCHS. She looks like an alien-cat and we love her.

And of course, Applesauce.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jules Verne.

HB little girl. It was such a wonderful thing to see you this weekend and see what a fabulous woman you are becoming. I am so very proud of you little sister.