Sunday, October 25, 2009

Martha & Me Cookie 8 of 175

Cookie: Chocolate Waffle Cookies
To: Mom and Dad
Special Location: Amfahr kitchen

My mom gave me her waffle iron when I was in college. My dad has since whined and complained that he needed his waffle iron back. I have stood firm and my mom stood firm for a while. She has since bought him a "new" waffle iron. These cookies were an ode to my dad and his love of this old and rickety waffle iron.

I was far from a fan of these cookies, if you could even call them that. They were very waffle-y and less cookie like. My dad says he liked them, my mom told me to make the brownies I had made for my sister instead, and I was in a state of disappointment. They were a good joke, but I wouldn't make them again.


  1. Bummer Ken Jennings. Glad you could stick it in Dad's face though. Nobody needs two waffle irons! (said in a little too loud & a little too exasperated tone)

    p.s My friends are anxious to receive your Martha Cookies :)

  2. It's clear this post has a number of inaccuracies. First, I never whine, I simple long for the days when my whole house wasn't treated like a free-for-all garage sale where the price of everything is zero. Second, the waffle iron isn't old and rickety, it's broken in. Finally, these cookies really grow on you. They get better over time, just like I do.

  3. Hmmmm...sounds familiar. Remember the waffle cake Matt attempted to make for my bday a couple years back in our apt? Should have learned your lesson there, J. Total flop (even tho Matt was super proud of them). What's with men & waffle irons? Matt has an unhealthy obsession with his, as well.