Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bread, Birthday, and Martha

Sorry I've been gone for a few weeks. Here are a few things I have made and enjoyed throughout that last two weeks.

1. My parents came to Champaign to celebrate my birthday. I made olive-rosemary bread from Cooking Light. I would make it again if in the mood for a savory bread.
2. I turned 24! Mike took me to Luna for dinner and we dined like adults in nice clothes and had a great dinner. If you got the bucks, Luna is your place.
3. Ryan and Katie Sawrie came to visit the day after they finished the Indy marathon! Congrats to them and to celebrate I made a Pumpkin-White Chocolate Cheesecake. Oh, and then I made it again a few days later for a small dinner party we had (pictured).
4. I made two Martha cookies.

Martha Cookie 9 of 175: Lemon Squares

Listened to: Glee Volume 1
For: Mom

I love my mom, she loves lemons, thus I made her some lemon squares.

These were tasty and enjoyable. I enjoyed the crust because it was crisp and crunchy. To make it, you actually have to grate frozen butter. That was weird and a first, but well worth it. I would like to add more lemon flavor to the custard, maybe some lemon zest? Anyone have any other ides for making these more lemon-y?
Martha Cookie 10 of 175: Vanilla Malt Cookie

Listened to: Adult Alternative music channel
For: Originally, Jim Dorsey, but due to the failure they were split between Bob and us.

For my birthday, Mike got me a cookie press. It was a great and thoughtful gift that he thought of himself. I was excited to find a Martha cookie that I would be able to use my new gadget with. These cookies had so much potential. They included malt powder, a vanilla bean, and the use of a cookie press. Everything came together until I pulled the new toy out. There was cookie batter all over the place and may or may not have been a few tears. In the end, I made them into drop cookies and dipped them in a quick glaze with sanding sugar. They tasted fine, but were ugly and not of high enough standard to give to Bob's dad. So, to Bob and us they went.

I am determined to conquer the cookie press and will report back when that feat has been met.

So to close, good eats to you and your family.

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