Saturday, February 13, 2010


This is my favorite picture of my best friend, Katie, and I. We were leaving for college weeks after this and had just cried in Fazoli's talking about being away from each other. I remember so clearly wanting to soak up our time together. She is a woman of integrity, faith, love, and joy. We met in 7th grade (thanks to GS) and became better friends as time went on. Today, I am proud to say we have survived high school, college (apart), marriage, and beginning careers. In short, she means the world to me.

The Lord has blessed my life with so many amazing friends; women and men that inspire me daily to be better, love more, and laugh lots. I am reminded that God is good when I look at the love my friends show me. Friends, I love you.

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  1. aw, I miss you friend. I really hope we can get together soon! Maybe half way? Dinner at the usual place?

    This is a great picture, we have some good ones from over the years :)