Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So I have a lot to tell you about (food, travel, life), but 6:50 am on a school morning isn't the time.

But, I found this and it made me think of my friend, Liz. She is so crafty and cool! She could totally make this mobile and will probably do so at sometime. Love her.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I am really excited for spring break! We're going to Portland, OR and I cannot wait to see a new place, smell different air, and see a fabulous new city!

2. I have been on a granola kick lately. I made crunchy granola bars two weeks ago for my staff and last week I made chewy granola bars for the LOST watchers. Chewy is the way to go and I am almost always a crunchy texture fan. Try them out, you won't be disappointed!

3. I went to Chicago for a day this past weekend for a class at UIC and dinner with some friends. I love that city and NEED to get there more, it will be good for my soul.

4. My family is coming this weekend for a BIG harp recital. I am really looking forward to seeing them because I have been thinking about them a ton lately. I went through some of our wedding photos tonight and it makes me so joyful seeing my parents so happy together and with friends that day. Weddings are cool because they aren't just about the bride and groom but can be such a great day for so many others.

5. I'm running a 5k in Cincy in a couple of weeks and I am way out of shape. Dad, think KHS soccer open fields. It's not good!

6. I was invited to a book club by my friend and school speech pathologist, Melissa. I feel like that was a prayer being answered.

7. Speaking of prayers, while "running" today I was listening to Regina Spektor's album "Far". Listen to the lyrics of the song "Laughing With". It made me want to pray more, be less wish-washy in my faith, and look to God in good and bad. Music touches my soul.

8. Speaking of music, my brother's fabulous girlfriend, Stephanie, has a harp recital on Sunday at 5:30 in Smith Hall. If you're in Champaign and read this blog (small pool, I know), come. She is amazing and is just a cool girl! I would love for her to be my other sister :)

9. My current and only sister is cool. You should meet her.

10. My students are frickin' hillarious!

Bryan: Coming in from extra recess "Go to Mrs. S's room?"
Mrs. S: "Yes, but walk safely please."
Bryan: "Ok. Where my packpack?"
Mrs. S: "In your classroom"
Bryan: turns to Ms. Love, TA and wonderful person, "Ms. Love, get my packpack (flicks hand)"
Ms. Love: "Ummm ok" and sulks off
Mrs. S: looks at Bryan in SHOCK
Bryan: "Mrs. S, where my packpack? Ms. Love get it?"
Mrs. S: "So it seems, Bryan, so it seems."

Definitely not the most funny example of my day to day interactions, but that made me laugh today. While adults make me crabby and feel bad about myself, these kids will always make me smile. I truly am grateful for getting to work with kids everyday. They are the salt of this earth and the light of my life.

Good week dear friends.