Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday, Egg Day

I made an egg casserole today. It was good and I don't even like eggs.

I got up early today in order to be getting ready for the school year and promptly went to the Farmer's Market. The zucchinis looked good so I got a couple. I then used some tomatoes we received from a student's family and I made a zucchini-tomato and basil egg casserole found at Simply Recipes. She's a great cook and I truly enjoy her story and food. This casserole was not too egg-y tasting, could have been the 4 egg whites and 2 whole eggs I used, and had a delicious amount of veggies. I grated two zucchinis with a potato peeler, cubed 5 tomatoes, and used 15 leaves of basil. Instead of the grated parm, I used the green canister version (you know the kind) and it was still lovely. This tasty treat was consumed by Mike, Brendan, and myself and it meets the abs diet powerfoods guidelines. That was another very happy aspect!

As a sidenote- Mike, Brendan, Bob, and Tom are all playing with our friends Elsinore at their CD release show TONIGHT at the Canopy Club. Come out and support a great local band, my husband, and our friends. Oh and if you can't be there buy their album, it's great and Mike and I are on it.

Second sidenote- Two posts in two days?! I know, I really like blogging and should/will do more. It is good for the soul to do things you like.

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