Monday, September 20, 2010

Music on a Monday

This week is the Pygmalion Festival in the great C-U. I was thinking out some of my favorite people I have seen at this festival and Andrew Bird came to mind. Now, if your name is Courtney and you went to this Pygmalion show with me and Mr. S, then you would remember it as an emotional day to say the least, but I have seen him other times and I was in a much better emotional state.

Andrew Bird is an Illinois-native and is a true musician. He has an incredible, fluid voice and is probably the best whistler in the musical world. He has a fascinating style and is a one-man band, playing violin, guitar, banjo, harmonica, and bevy of other strange instruments he brings with him. This Windy City man is interesting, haunting, and takes you from the loud world we often are a part of and brings you into a quiet state of swelling sound.

Check him out.

Oh and P.S., he looks and talks like my friend, Stephe. I have always wondered if they are one of those long-lost brother stories you see on 60 Minutes. Hmmm...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Music on a Monday

This is Ray. I love him. Not like I love my husband, but I love him. He has music that can speak to my soul. I listen to him when I am happy or sad, on my birthday or worst day, rainy or sunny, and so many days and times in between. Ray is a man who sings from his soul and has a voice that is unlike many others. I discovered him on a soundtrack (A Lot Like Love) and instantly want to hear more from him. I remember listening to the soundtrack with my dear friend, Liz and then going out and buying his full album, Trouble. This was his debut and he has put out 2 other albums and recently an album with his bluegrass band, The Pariah Dogs. I have them all and had Mike and I not both fallen in love with Red Right Ankle by The Decemberists, I would have gone with a Ray song for our wedding dance.

Ray LaMontagne is such a wonderful and talented musician. Check out his albums Trouble, Till the Sun Goes Black, Gossip in the Grain, and most recently God Willin' & the Creek Don't Rise. The first three are just him and beautifully painful and the album with The Pariah Dogs is more upbeat and bluegrass.

Check out him out for sure and tell him I sent you :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Three things I think are cool.

1. I think my banana-blueberry muffins are cool.

I found these muffins on tastespotting from a blog called Sweet Tooth. She said that these muffins "might actually make an appropriate and semi-healthy breakfast". The thoughts that went through my brain were, "I like to bake, I like to eat, but I'm on a diet. These may fit meet all the following criteria and still satisfy my belly." So off to the store I  and my students went (As a sidenote, I teach high school students with moderate to severe disabilities and we go into the community. Why not purchase some of your own items while these guys do the same? It only seems fair).

These have bananas and blueberries, whole-wheat flour, wheat germ (or flax seed), and all these other good for you things. The muffins are dense enough to last you through the morning, but still cakey so you'll actually want to eat it. The banana flavor was a bit pronounced, but I didn't mind that. I think they brought a nice amount of moistness to the muffin, that otherwise would have been missed. I also liked that they had a little bit of all purpose flour in them because sometimes too much whole wheat flour leaves your food feeling crumbly and dry. Overall these are winners and my whole family liked them :)

Her recipe says it makes 12, but I squeezed out 18, but from looking at her photos I think I skimped on filling the muffin tins. Oh well! It made for even distribution amongst the sibs, as they are the only ones who can regularly eat carbs.

Hit up Sweet Tooth for the recipe and note that I didn't have my wheat germ with me, so I used ground flax seed (I was at the 'rents house). They still had a heartiness and nice fiber content. So make these and start your day off right with a "semi-healthy" breakfast.

2. I think these cards are cool.
I went to Michael's yesterday because Mr. S wanted to play Madden at Best Buy. I asked to be dropped off, so I could meander through a craft store. Luckily, I had enough time to make it all the way to the $1 bins. I found these funny cards and bought several packs, but much to my surprise they are half-off! So, I bought 7 packs of 8 cards for $3.50. That was a bargain and these are hilarious. 
3. I think my cat is cool.
Those of you cat-haters out there need not apply because my cat is cool. She is funny looking, fluffy, and so adorable. She loves spring and fall because we can leave the door open and there is no worries of air conditioning or heat. This is her, enjoy.