Monday, September 20, 2010

Music on a Monday

This week is the Pygmalion Festival in the great C-U. I was thinking out some of my favorite people I have seen at this festival and Andrew Bird came to mind. Now, if your name is Courtney and you went to this Pygmalion show with me and Mr. S, then you would remember it as an emotional day to say the least, but I have seen him other times and I was in a much better emotional state.

Andrew Bird is an Illinois-native and is a true musician. He has an incredible, fluid voice and is probably the best whistler in the musical world. He has a fascinating style and is a one-man band, playing violin, guitar, banjo, harmonica, and bevy of other strange instruments he brings with him. This Windy City man is interesting, haunting, and takes you from the loud world we often are a part of and brings you into a quiet state of swelling sound.

Check him out.

Oh and P.S., he looks and talks like my friend, Stephe. I have always wondered if they are one of those long-lost brother stories you see on 60 Minutes. Hmmm...


  1. I do recall this evening :) It was a great night of music to be sure. Are you and Mike hitting up the festival this weekend? Looks pretty good.

  2. We are hitting it up. It all starts tomorrow. We are sure to see Janelle Monae, Of Montreal, Okkeviel River, and some local folks. Missing you and sooo hoping you can come down in two weekends!

  3. I'll be there!!! I'm really interested to hear all about Pyg. Janelle Monae seems awesome, among others....

  4. He DOES look like Stephe! Weird. It never occurred to me until your post that I've never actually seen a picture of Andrew Bird, and he looks NOTHING like what I pictured him. Welp, shows what I know!